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Commercial Exterior

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Wall cladding, pavers, curbs, planters, fountains, the possibilities are endless when it comes to commercial exterior stone. Include the timeless beauty of natural stone on the exterior of your next commercial project. As one of the premier commercial exterior suppliers of stone, Cangelosi has been privileged to help shape the skylines and cityscapes of cities within the Southern United States and Houston. Projects featuring our commercial exterior stone include, but are not limited to; The Chevron Towers (formerly Enron) (Houston, TX), Sysco Building (Houston, TX) The Museum of Natural Science (Houston, TX) to Sugar Land Town Square (Sugar Land, TX). Let Cangelosi share our over 40 years of experience in the stone industry with you on your next commercial exterior stone project.

Natural stone is finding its way into more applications in the commercial stone building products industry. Commercial stone products are often times a big and important part of the design of commercial buildings today.

Clients, designers and architects alike are including commercial exterior stone in their projects. Commercial exterior stone materials are chosen for not only the character and beauty expected from natural stone but also for the durability. The use of natural stone for commercial exterior stone applications is nothing new. Commercial exterior stone applications range from pavers and curbs to the tops of the building’s façade and everywhere in between. 

You can find natural stone building products in many forms and fashions. Commercial exterior building supplies range from the classic beauty of granite pavers and curbs to limestone veneer. For commercial buildings, large and small, there are a variety of commercial exterior building materials to choose from.  No matter what your taste the addition of natural stone as one of your commercial exterior building materials provides a timeless look.

With over 45 years in the stone industry Cangelosi has been privileged to share its award winning expertise with commercial and residential builders to help shape the skylines and provide commercial exterior stone finishes in Houston and cities throughout the Southern United States.

Cangelosi Company, a custom fabricator and installer of natural stone and Silestone products in the southwest region of the United States is a family-run operation.   Formed in 1970, Cangelosi began representing commercial exterior stone suppliers and fabricators from the U.S. and Europe.

Cangelosi is the highest quality natural stone contractor in the southwest region of the United States offering a full line service of consulting, engineering, fabrication, installation, restoration, and periodic maintenance products for the commercial stone building materials industry.

Within the organization, you will find an “intelligent” approach to providing the owner, developer, architect, designer, general contractor, home builder and dealers with timely deliveries and quality material, fabrication, installation, and restoration.

Cangelosi is proud of the associations we have made throughout our existence, with quality fabricators in Europe and the U.S.A. We take great pride in knowing we can rely on the word of our fabricators to maintain our reputation of quality material and timely service. These relationships afford our clients the most extensive selections of commercial exterior building materials in the region.





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