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Your search for stone signage vendors ends here. Let Cangelosi be a key player in fulfilling your stone signage needs. Cangelosi is the highest quality natural stone contractor and stone signage supplier in the southwest region of the United States offering a full line service and products.  Whether it is indoors or outdoors, large or small we can work with you to achieve custom designed signage requiring little to no maintenance. Each sign is a unique piece that makes a statement. Architects, designers and businesses have many questions when considering signage for their establishment. Granite is one of the best materials for signs offering durability, lasting beauty and value. The classic beauty of granite is not only fashionable; it cannot be compared for its longevity and its ability to withstand weathering. Granite signs make a statement for office complexes, schools, municipal buildings, banks, hotels, golf courses and residential developments.  Stone signage is not limited to Granite; other materials such as limestone and slate have found their place in the stone signage market. Cangelosi is knowledgeable in the use of many different types of natural stone to help you achieve your stone signage needs. Let Cangelosi be your stone signage vendor of choice.

With over 45 years in the stone industry Cangelosi has been privileged to share it’s award winning expertise with commercial and residential builders to help shape the skylines and provide residential interior and exterior stone finishes in Houston and cities throughout the Southern United States. Please consider Cangelosi for your next sign project.

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