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SignageLet Cangelosi be a key player in fulfilling your signage needs. Whether it is indoor or out, large or small we can work with you to achieve a custom designed sign requiring little to no maintenance. Each sign is a unique piece that makes a statement. Architects, designers and businesses have many questions when considering a sign for their establishment. Granite is one of the best materials for signs offering durability, lasting beauty and value. The classic beauty of granite is not only fashionable, it cannot be compared for its longevity and it’s ability to withstand weathering. Granite signs make a statement for office complexes, schools, municipal buildings, banks, hotels, golf courses and residential developments.






Commercial Interior

Commercial InteriorThe use of natural stone for commercial interior applications is nothing new. From floor to ceiling and everything in between you can find natural stone in many forms and fashions. From the classic beauty of Marble and Limestone floors in upscale department stores to granite transaction and vanity tops in large commercial buildings. For a grand feel a designer or architect may choose a focal wall to display book matched slabs of marble or an exotic granite. No matter what your taste the addition of natural stone can give you a timeless look for the floors, walls, tables, countertops and more.




Commercial Exterior

Commercial ExteriorWall cladding, pavers, curbs, planters, fountains, the possibilities are endless. Include the timeless beauty of natural stone on the exterior of your next commercial project. Cangelosi has been privileged to help shape the skylines and cityscapes of cities within the Southern United States and Houston. Projects featuring our stone include, but are not limited to; The Chevron Towers (formerly Enron) (Houston, TX), Sysco Building (Houston, TX) The Museum of Natural Science (Houston, TX) to Sugar Land Town Square (Sugar Land, TX). Let Cangelosi share our over 40 years of experience in the stone industry with you on your next commercial project.








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