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Edge Profiles

The finale… the finishing touch to your natural stone slab project… the edge profile.

The edge profile is the intimate little detail that gives the finishing touch to the countertop or stone slab edge. Whether you prefer the sleek modern flat edge or a more decorative multidimensional profile, the possibilities are endless. One must first consider the thickness of the natural stone slab material selected (2 or 3 centimeters) as the appearance of a desired edge may vary with the size of the material. Prices range from the cost effective flat edge and to a more expensive elaborate laminated edge. The design trend has shown the use of several different edge profiles used in one area together. For example you may choose a simple clean edge for your perimeter kitchen countertops and a decorative laminated edge profile to showcase your island countertop.

The edge profiles shown are just a sampling of what Cangelosi offers. Send us your design and we can transform your natural stone project using marble, granite, limestone, travertine or soapstone into a work of art.

Standard Edges

1.5 Edges .75 Edges 1.25 Edges
Sunset Gold
1 1/2" Bevel
Sunset Gold
1 1/2" Waterfall
Sunset Gold
1 1/2" Full Bullnose
Sunset Gold
1 1/2" Sq Polish
Sunset Gold
3/4" Bevel
Sunset Gold
3/4" Waterfall
Sunset Gold
3/4" Full Bullnose
Sunset Gold
3/4" Sq Polish
Sunset Gold
1 1/4" Bevel
Sunset Gold
1 1/4" Waterfall
Sunset Gold
1 1/4" Full Bullnose
Sunset Gold
1 1/4" Sq Polish

Custom Edge Profiles




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