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Slate is fine-grained metamorphic rock, which splits into thin, smooth-surfaced layers. Slate flooring is well suited for use in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and outdoor applications such as swimming pool surrounds and patios. In addition to flexibility, slate tiles and slabs feature excellent naturally slip-resistant surfaces.


Origins & Nature of Slate

Slate is found in large deposits commonly found in continental coastal regions. Ancient oceans gathered silt and other mineral materials in these areas that stay long after these oceans have receded. The minerals left behind in these former ocean beds are soil, clay and few other minerals, which are exposed to pressures and heat over the course of millennia. The heat and force forges them into a rugged, naturally resilient stone known as slate.

The minerals which are normally found in slate are quartz, chlorite, and mica. They act as stabilizing agents for slate, and allow resistance to most types of stresses. This mixture of random materials explains the naturally differs hues from piece to piece. The harsh beginnings of slate make a hard and visually outstanding material that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


Slate Colors

Due to slate’s composition of random elements, there are natural color variations that can be expected in every batch. In fact, no two slates tiles are the same, thus each shipment has a range of color. The experienced staff at Cangelosi can guide you in selecting the slate that best fits your needs.


The colors represented here are a sampling of available materials. Additional colors are available.

  Slate Samples
Atlantic Green Slate in Houston offered by Cangelosi
Atlantic Green
Black Ash Slate in Houston offered by Cangelosi
Black Ash
Rusty Slate in Houston offered by Cangelosi
Steel Gray
Steel Gray



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