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Soapstone is quarried like Granite and Marble. It is a steatite stone made up primarily of magnetite, dolomite, chlorite, and talc. It ranges in age from 300 to 400 million years old. The talc in soapstone gives the smooth feeling of rubbing a piece of dry soap. Thus the name was derived - "Soap" Stone.

Soapstone has been used throughout the world for tools, carafes, vases, goblets, sculptures, fireplaces, etc for thousands of years. In earlier days, soapstone was primarily used for building blocks, sculpting and urns. Soapstone uses also ranged from fireplace hearths to countertops, sinks, and oven fireplace stoves. In different parts of the world, soapstone is still used as a daily staple for mixing bowls, cook-tops, cookware, and oven baking decks. Today, soapstone is used for a large variety of items- including balusters, stair treads, windowsills and island tops. It is becoming a very popular choice for designers and architects because of it's one of a kind texture and look that make soapstone one of the most aesthetically pleasing stones to be used.

Soapstone is perfect for achieving that warm "old fashioned", "rustic", "early American" look and is versatile enough to be used in modern designs.

Soapstone is inert therefore alkalis and acids won't affect it as they will granite, marble, or slate. Soapstone has been used in science classrooms and labs for hundreds of years. Unlike most granite, marbles, slates and limestones, soapstone is not absorbent.

We recommend that the stone be sealed with mineral oil or stone sealer. Mineral oil and penetrating sealers will bring out a dark richness to the stones natural color and also work as a protective layer to the surface of the stone. Mineral oil may be re-applied to the stone periodically but most sealers will remain a while longer than the mineral oil. It is not necessary to use oil or sealers on the stone. Spills such as wine or virtually anything else may leave a darkened area or surface stain. In most cases these marks can be scrubbed off the stone or sanded off. Most people don’t apply anything to the stone, which allows it to take on it's own natural patina with regular use.


The colors represented here are a sampling of available materials. Additional colors are available.

  Soapstone Samples
Natural Soapstone in Houston offered by Cangelosi
Natural Soapstone
Oiled Soapstone in Houston offered by Cangelosi
Oiled Soapstone
Ice Flower Soapstone in Houston offered by Cangelosi
Ice Flower
Oiled Ice Flower
Oiled Ice Flower


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