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Waterjet is the most versatile cutting technology available today. The high cutting power of a waterjet system can cut virtually any material with speed and precision. A waterjet can cut most materials, including metals, plastics, stone (manufactured and natural), glass, foam, and ceramics. Cangelosi works with architects, designers, contractors, installers and homeowners to help create custom natural stone inlay designs for floors and walls. Send us your design concept and our experienced staff will create a CAD drawing for your approval. We can help you create custom detailed inlays for signs, medallions, logos, mosaics, plaques and more.

Although Cangelosi has over 40 years in the stone industry the use of our waterjet is not limited to only stone applications. Using your design or ours we can cut a variety of materials to create metal silhouettes, custom metal signs, artistic signs, ornamental gates, ranch signs, metal wall art, metal entrance gate signs and more. Waterjet machining can cut virtually any material including steel, alloys, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, hi-temp alloys and more. The waterjet allows cutting of material up to 8” thick, smooth cut surfaces and tight tolerances

Cangelosi's craftsmen utilize the combination of state of the art machinery with old world artistic hand work to provide the highest quality stone work.  Now with the expanded waterjet services, stone can be provided more efficiently and cost effectively. 
Cangelosi is the highest quality natural stone contractor in the southwest region of the United States offering a full line service of consulting, engineering, fabrication, installation, restoration, and periodic maintenance products.   Utilizing endless choices of stone materials, Cangelosi can provide any size, shape and form of medallion, top, wall or floor needed for your project utilizing our waterjet construction expertise. 
Cangelosi has been privileged to share its award winning expertise as waterjet vendors with commercial and residential builders to help shape the skylines and provide residential interior and exterior stone finishes in Houston and cities throughout the Southern United States.
The company takes great pride in its ability to fabricate and install artistic stone waterjet projects.
Within the organization, you will find an “intelligent” approach to providing the owner, developer, architect, designer, general contractor, home builder and dealers with timely deliveries and quality material, fabrication, installation, and restoration.
The Cangelosi reputation as quality waterjet suppliers begins and ends with our family of employees and associates.  We have retained numerous craftsmen in our custom plant along with our experienced installation crews.  Cangelosi continues to produce stone fabricated and installed to award winning levels that earned Cangelosi the reputation of being one of the highest quality stone companies in the United States.


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